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Antunes Beach

For many years now, the northeast of Brazil is gaining international fame for being home to incredible paradisiacal beaches, but there are still some secrets that escape travelers’ radars. And among the beautiful clear blue waters of the city of Maragogi, is located one of these little secrets. Its name is Antunes beach, and its beauties conquer anyone who passes by.


It is located 4 miles away from the center of Maragogi (to the north). To get to the beach of Antunes, it is necessary to cross private property but it allows free access.

When you think about Maragogi, it’s automatic Galés of Maragogi, the famous coral reefs of the region. Perhaps because of this, Antunes beach was left out, which was in fact a great fortune. It made Antunes an extremely well preserved place.

Infrastructure AT ANTUNES BEACH

Because it is still not very developed, the local infrastructure is very simple. There are no large bars or restaurants, however you can easily find local stalls and vendors.

What the beach lacks in structure, it compensates in natural beauties. Like all other beaches in the northeast, its beauty changes according to the tide. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk long distances with water by the knees, forming a spectacular scene. When the tide is high the clear blue of the waters intensifies and it is possible to swim freely among the calm waves.


Another great surprise is the possibility of accessing the natural pools of Antunes during the low tide. The same line of corals that forms the Galés also accompanies the coast of Antunes. When the waters are low enough, it is possible to arrive walking to the corals and to dive between the active marine life of the region. To get there you need to cross the entire sandbank and walk a few miles offshore. If walking is not an ideal option for you, it is possible to rent stand-up paddles or kayaks there. Make sure you will not miss this place.

Although there are many nice things to do, the most unbeatable program is the simplest of them all: finding a nice shadow, stretching a brazilian “canga” in the sand and relaxing by the seashore. In the midst of such spectacular beauty, all your problems go away and you are invaded by the tranquility that radiate from the place.

 So write down this tip and don’t forget! When you pass by the region of Maragogi or surroundings, you already know what to do! Those of you who are based in Porto de Galinhas can also hire the day-tours to Maragogi and not only get to know the famous Galés de Maragogi, but also the beach of Antunes. Or you can do the Antunes Full Day Tour and discover why all this area is nicknamed “the Brazilian Caribbean”.

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Martín Miguel

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