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The best 5 beach destinations in Brazil

Enter Travel invites you to find out which are the top 5 beach destinations in Brazil chosen by Brazilians and foreigners.

Ideal to plan your vacations or to change course if you are already traveling.

Let’s see the list of the best Brazilian destinations with beaches.


Starting with Rio de Janeiro, popularly known as “the samba land”, this fabulous Brazilian city maintains one of the best-known carnival celebrations in the world that fills the streets and the famous Sambodromo.

For those who decide to travel to Rio de Janeiro, you can not miss the beautiful beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblón.

If you want more adventures, the Bosque da Tijuca with its walking tours is the perfect place to enjoy!

Spend the rest of the day admiring the tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro: Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf), Corcovado and without a doubt, Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer). 

You should spend the night listening to music in Lapa (the neighborhood where the largest number of bars and clubs in Rio de Janeiro).

Rio keeps many more charms and is the ideal place for people of all ages.


Maragogi is the second most important tourist city in the state of Alagoas in Brazil, after the capital Maceió.

Located halfway between the cities of Recife (PE) and Maceió, it is known for its natural beauty, its palm trees and its hotel industry.

One of the most visited places by tourists are the beautiful Gales Natural Pools, which are located six kilometers from the coast at Maragogi Beach.

If there is a word that can describe this incredible place it is: Paradise.

The privileged beach Maragogi has the largest coral reef in Brazil and a large number of fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters around it.

In the center of the city, we can find a large number of craft shops and several places where you can discover gastronomy on the coast of Maragogi beach!


• For more information, I suggest you read this article: Maragogi Beach.


Bahia, with its churches, monuments and museums, with the originality of its urban structure divided into “low city” and “high city”, offers a unique environment for those who travel there.

The trip to Salvador means learning and discovering the history of important Bahian people and places in the Bay.

Not to mention the many typical dishes that those who travel to Salvador de Bahía have to try: Acarajé, Abará, Vatapá, Carurú, Efó and Paçoca.

In Salvador there are popular beaches and there are other less crowded beaches too, the latter already a little further away. The first are the urban beaches, those reachable by public transportion; while the others can only be reached by private transportion or tourist hikes.


Located 60 kilometers south of Salvador, the Morro de São Paulo is nowadays one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northeast of Brazil.

One of the oldest settlements in Brazil, together with the island of Boipeba, that form a natural conservation area, with clean sand, hot water, jungle, mangroves and endless beaches practically deserted.

A fascinating place to spend your well-deserved vacation away from the stress of the big city.


Without a doubt my favorite place in the world. It’s hard to describe it in words. In my opinion, the best beach destination in Brazil.

There are many beaches to visit in Porto de Galinhas.

For those who travel with little time, the best alternative is to book a buggy tour (called Ponta-a-Ponta) to get around and visit all the beaches.

The first of the beaches of Porto de Galinhas, coming from Recife, is Camboa Beach (or Gamboa), an almost virgin beach, where you can enjoy a view on the wild coast that contrasts with the modernity of the Port of Suape, which is located on the other side, in the direction of Ipojuca, a city founded by Franciscan monks in 1606, where you can visit the convent of Santo Antonio, one of the oldest in Brazil.

The long coral reef that begins next to Praia de Camboa and extends for three kilometers to the limit with Muro Alto Beach, recommended for families because of its calm waters and its hotels and luxury resorts in the area of Porto de Galinhas. Muro Alto is also well known for its natural pools and crystal clear waters.

Maracaípe Beach is the best place for surfers.

For lovers of solitude: the beach of Serrambi, from where you can enjoy the best views of the coast and has great potential for water sports.

On the contrary, for those who want the nightlife, there is the beach of Porto de Galinhas has on its edge bars, restaurants, clubs and its famous natural pools during the day.


• You will find more information here: Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil.

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