2014/2015 (Part II)

Best beaches in Brazil II

Imagine a perfect day at the seaside, on a beach of white sands and calm, crystalline waters. 

Best beaches in Brazil NORTHEAST 2014/2015 (Part II)

For those who have not yet decided where to go this summer in Brazil in 2014/2015 we have prepared a list of the top 6 beaches in northeastern Brazil.

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The fabulous beaches of northern Brazil are characterized by warm clear waters rich in coral and colored little fishes

Let’s look at the remaining top 3 beaches in Brazil Northeast for the season 2014/2015

4- Carneiros Beach

5- Maragogi Beach

6- Calhetas Beach

4 carneiros beach and bathing in clay

This beautiful beach in northern Brazil is almost 6 km long. With hundreds of palm trees is one of the most beautiful in the area of Porto de Galinhas. This beach tour is usually taken because of the famous clay bath Carneiros and its skin effects. The beautiful region of Carneiros beach is the meeting point between the sea and the river, forming mangroves (“mangues” in Portuguese).

You will find a new and more complete article about this place here: Carneiros Beach

- How to get to carneiros from porto de galinhas

Hiring a tour from Porto de Galinhas to the Beach of Carneiros. A vehicle (like a minibus type) will pick you up from your hotel in Porto de Galinhas. The ride takes about 30 minutes to Carneiros with multilingual guides to enliven the journey. Once on the beach Carneiros you will have all day to be under the sun or take a clay bath. Hours later you will take the catamaran (included in the tour) to a lovely sandbank in the middle of the sea. In the late afternoon, the same vehicle will take you back to your accommodation in Porto de Galinhas.

Book this tour online here: Carneiros Experience

5 maragogi beach

One of the most away beaches from Porto de Galinhas and therefore one of the quietest, approximately 70 km away. It is located in the Brazilian state of Alagoas coastline and a total of 22 km of beach paradise.

The typical landscape would you appreciate is something like:  emerald sea and small boats that were sighted in the distance, warm water and beautiful palm trees that look out over the vast expanse of white sand.

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- how to get to maragogi beach from porto de galinhas

There are tours that leave from Porto de Galinhas in vehicles. The tour will pick you up at your hotel (pousada in Portuguese). A journey of 1 hour duration, accompanied by the tour guide that will tell you the different places that are seen along the route. Once at the beach of Maragogi, the guides will give you the time to take a swim in the warm waters of the Brazilian Northeast sea. After this peaceful relaxing time, the guides indicate where you board the catamaran that will take you to the Natural Pools. In the late afternoon the same vehicle will take you back to your hotel in Porto de Galinhas, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants.

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6 Calhetas beach

Calhetas Beach (near to Porto de Galinhas and Recife) ensures visitors a unique experience. This beach is known for its abundant almost nature and a shape different than the rest of the beaches around. 

Calhetas’ beach is very small and quiet. The tourist infrastructure is minimal so it is only wise to take the tour but stay back overnight in Porto de Galinhas in one of the many accommodations or hotels in the region.

You will find a new and more complete article about this place here: Calhetas Beach

- how to get to calhetas beach from porto de galinhas

There is an economic tour leaving from your hotel in Porto de Galinhas in the early morning that takes you along the coast of Pernambuco (the State where it is Porto de Galinhas) to the Calhetas’ Beach. Once there you will stay until the end of the evening where the same vehicle hired for the tour will take you safely back to your hotel in Porto de Galinhas.

Book this tour online here: Calhetas Experience

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