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CAlhetas beach

Many see in their structure the shape of a heart and indeed the Beach of Calhetas is pure love!

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Calhetas Beach

Forming part of Cabo de Santo Agostinho beaches, Calhetas beach have a different layout than the other beaches of that region. Many see in their structure the shape of a heart and indeed the beach of Calhetas is pure love!


The places is located 35km from Porto de Galinhas. From the sand you can see in the distance the city of Recife, which is 37 km away. Because of the proximity, the beach is a great day trip option for those who are spending a few days in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, as well as for those who are based in Porto de Galinhas.


Surrounded by stones and beautiful trees, the beach has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The main beach has some bars and restaurants that provide all the necessary structure for those who will spend the day there: tables with umbrellas, bathrooms and several typical foods! It is also not uncommon to see vendors walking along the beach and offering some seafood such as oysters and shrimps. It is mouthwatering!!

With so much confort, it is easy to lose count of the hours and spend the whole day relaxing at the edge of the sea and enjoying everything the place has to offer.



For those who like adventure, Calhetas is also guaranteed fun. There are plenty of activities there, such as boat rentals, jet skis and the banana boat ride. But the main attraction of Calhetas is located on the hill next to the beach: a 200 meter zipline that ends in the water! Imagine sliding in the air with a beautiful view all around you and ending the path within the waters of Calhetas Beach. It is amazing! Almost an obligatory experience for those who pass by.  

The region also has a past that dates back to the times of the discovery of Brazil and those who visit Calhetas through the daily tours from Porto de Galinhas will also get to know a little bit of the place’s history.

Before arriving at the beach, which is the final destination, the tours take the visitors to know the belvedere and the church of Farol de Nazaré. The belvedere is an old observation point of navigation, and it is easy to understand why. From there you can see as far as you can imagine and the blue sea of ​​Pernambuco doesn’t leave anything to desire.

The Church of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré draws attention for another reason: the ruins of the old carmelite convent. The ruins are super interesting and beautiful and are certainly worth the visit. In addition, in front of the church there are two incredible cachaça stores. There are countless flavors, from the most traditional ones to the most exotic and unimaginable! The vendors allow visitors to sample everything they want, creating a true tasting of artisanal cachaças!

Undoubtedly it will be a delightful day in the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, with different attractions for people of all ages and tastes.  


The best way to get to know Calhetas beach is from the daily tour that leaves from the city of Porto de Galinhas. This is undoubtedly one of the best day tours in town and it presents such a great cost benefit that it often ends up being better than going on your own.

You will find more information here: Calhetas Beach Experience

Without discussion this is a must-see place that will amaze even the most savvy travelers who are already familiar with the beauty of northeastern Brazil.

Martín Miguel

Martín Miguel

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Video: Go Dronne (godronne.com.br) 


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