Carneiros and Maragogi Beaches

Carneiros Beach and Maragogi Beach

Discover here what to do in Praia de Carneiros and what to see in Praia de Maragogi. In addition, you will find in our site the best tours in Porto de Galinhas and cheap lodging in this wonderful place of Pernambuco.

The region of beaches of Porto de Galinhas is like an earthly paradise.

Home to two of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Carneiros and Maragogi. It is only in these beaches of northeastern Brazil that the visitor has access to the breathtaking landscapes and
rejuvenating tourist activities, such as the clay bath in the beach of Carneiros and the dives in the Natural pools in the Beach of Maragogi.


Porto de Galinhas is located 60 km from Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco.

It is more than 18 km from a splendid coastline, perfect for any type of visitor, from those who want calm waters to the most radical, who practice water sports, such as surfing.

Like any village on the beach, Porto de Galinhas has as its main attraction its delicious food, whose cuisine involves several seafood, beautiful beaches and landscapes and a sea that pleases everyone.

The best time to travel to Porto de Galinhas is during the months of September and April, including the high season, when the weather is characterized by frequent sunshine and high temperatures. So, do not forget to take your sunscreen.


Besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Praia de Carneiros is also one of the most conserved.

The beautiful landscape remains almost intact for a century! For the more curious, a historical visit to the Church of St. Benedict, built in the period of the eighteenth century, is an indispensable tour. It is located on the shores of Rio Formoso, a distinctive estuary that has a breathtaking view.

Carneiros Beach is full of coconut palms, which border the 5 km stretch of beach. The water of this beach is crystal clear and warm and contains more than 1 km of the beautiful coral reefs.

At the edge of the beach, visitors can indulge in delicacies of unparalleled flavor in several restaurants and bars, which include toilets and showers.

The shore of Proia dos Carneiros (Sheep’s Beach) is known in Brazil for the famous rejuvenating clay bathwhile its sea is famous for its reefs and sandbarswhere you can dive all day. Visitors can reach them by catamarans, boats that carry up to 100 people per trip.

This beach is located 24 km from the town of Porto de Galinhas – reason for being one of the most preserved.

There’s no way you can not be delighted!


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Maragogi Beach (Praia de Maragogi), as well as Carneiros Beach, has its undisputed natural beauty.

It is very famous for its beautiful “galés”, commonly called natural pools. These natural formations are 6 km distant from Maragogi Beach, but the visitor can reach them by means of speedboats or catamarans.

In addition, as part of the entertainment, the visitor can dive with cylinders in the crystalline and green sea of the natural pools. This activity is done with the help of specialized instructors and is offered with maximum security. Even people who do not know how to swim can venture out on Maragogi dives.


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