Honeymooning in

Porto de Galinhas

Honeymooning in Porto de Galinhas

What does a couple on their honeymoon look for? Perhaps an adventurous couple seek out a mountain hiking trip to celebrate their union or perhaps there are couples out there who are looking to spend a honeymoon in a cold climate with lots of snow?

However, for those couples looking for a beach destination where they can relax, switch off from everything and enjoy doing nothing with a romantic backdrop to wake up to every morning, a honeymoon in Porto de Galinhas should be at the top of the list.


Honeymoons in Porto de Galinhas offer days, weeks or even months full of peace and quiet in a place made up of beautiful views where you can spoil each other rotten.

If you are ready to embark on this kind of adventure, not only referring to the adventure known as marriage, take note of the following advice we have to share in order to make your time in Porto de Galinhas as magical as possible.

Which hotel is the most romantic?

It is a really good idea to emphasize that before choosing a place to stay in Porto de Galinhas it is really important to bear in mind the kind of budget you are able and willing to spend, because there is a wide range of accommodation in Porto de Galinhas to make it accessible for any budget.

However, if your dream revolves around the most romantic hotels, regardless the cost, we recommend staying at Nannai Beach Resort. It is unique.

Every single part of Nannai Beach Resort is sectioned off from the others to form individual and private rentals within the hotel for each of its guests. The entire resort is also covered and constructed in such a way as to guarantee complete and utter privacy at all times.

Some “suites” come with their own private swimming pool and form of cabin with a straw roof, emanating a true beach life-style to the very core. What’s more, everything in Nannai Beach Resort is constructed on the seafront, making your stay at Nannai unbeatable.

In general, promotional packages can normally be found. Check it out here: Nannai Resort

What to do or visit in porto de galinhas?

Take advantage of the beach: Porto de Galinhas is home to a number of beaches that are perfect for surfing, thanks to the large waves and strong currents.

However, there are other kinds of beaches that are excellent for kite-surfing activities too, on account of the strong winds that are found in these particular areas, or other beaches which are almost deserted and perfect to visit if you are looking for peace and tranquility and time to bathe in the sunshine.

On the weekends, the central beach and the beach in Maracaipe are the beaches that are most popular within both tourists and  natives of surrounding cities, including Recife. However, it is still possible, even on the weekend, to find beaches with very few people, full of peace and away from the hustle and bustle.

The beach at Muro Alto is home to a huge natural reef along the entire stretch of this part of the coastline that looks man-made. Within the perimeter of this natural construction you can find huge, natural swimming pools, famous for their warm temperatures and wonderful snorkeling opportunities.

It is interesting to visit Porto de Galinhas just for the variety of beaches that it has to offer.

Honeymooning in Porto de Galinhas: best place for dinner

Dining in Porto de Galinhas charming restaurants: there is a huge variety of restaurants in Porto de Galinhas, home to extensive menus, in order to appeal to all kinds of tastes and budgets.

However, if you are looking for somewhere really special to dine on your honeymoon, there are a few restaurants that must be visited at all costs during your time in Porto de Galinhas… Beijupirá, Domingos and Munganga.

According to the critics, these are very good restaurants in Porto de Galinhas if you want to try seafood or fish of varying kinds. Beijupirá and Domingos are very next to each other, located on Rua Beijupirá, next to the Tourist information centre.

This restaurants are very pretty and full of lots of dimmed lighting tricks in order to create a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The selection of cocktails and wines on offer is also very extensive. 

The other option is Munganga, a very pretty restaurant located on the seafront in the very center of Porto de Galinhas. Without a doubt, this restaurant is perfectly situated for those looking to experience the dinner by the sea that they have always dreamed about, with the differing colors of the boats in the background, bobbing up and down in the distance.

Dinner at Domingos restaurant in Porto de Galinhas

Other activities

After having spent a number of days relaxing on the beach or by the side of the swimming pool, doing nothing, you might find that you want a little more action from your honeymoon and that a little bit of exercise is on the menu. This is why we also recommend some of the special activities that you can enjoy whilst staying in Porto de Galinhas below.

Lots of people visit Porto de Galinhas in order to learn or continue practicing a variety of water and wind sports offered in the region. These include surfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkeling, rides in banana boats, kayaking and more.

The Porto de Galinhas Natural Pools, famous for their warm waters, are full to the brim with many kinds of fish and corals, so much so that it is impossible to move without coming into contact with some kind of natural life within.

 All year round!

The most important fact about Porto de Galinhas is that it doesn’t matter what month you choose to marry or what month you fly out in order to celebrate your honeymoon, because the temperature in Porto de Galinhas never drops below 27 degrees.

Therefore, if you are in the middle of your wedding plans, Porto de Galinhas is definitely a honeymoon destination that should, without a doubt, be added to your list.

Professional photography

Can you imagine anything more romantic than sunset photo shoot on the beach?

Make unforgettable memories with the help of a professional photographer and get this romantic photo book you always dreamed about. A photographer is the perfect way to celebrate your honeymoon and make it unforgettable.

Send us a message and we will arrange the shoot with the best photographers in Porto de Galinhas.

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