Mangue Experience | Porto de Galinhas

If you like beach, salt water and waves and want to know a little more about the life on the coast, do the trail…this is an experience for you.

The Kayak Experience in the mangrove is one of the alternative activities to do in Porto de Galinhas.


The mangrove is a coastal ecosystem, the transition between terrestrial and marine environments.

Within the typical vegetal species you find the “mangrove” with its characteristic animals: crabs and urubú. On the way you can see oysters too.

We will get into the kayaks in Maracaipe and, surrounded by a unique view, we will cross the mangrove to its exit in the sea of Pontal de Maracaipe. Always going with the current, without much effort.

Imagine navigating the river with lots of greenery on the sides!

In the middle of the trip we will get off the kayaks and continue the trail by foot.

We will take you up to the “Church of Oitero”, which besides being very beautiful, it is on top of a hill from where you can see The Santo Aleixo Island, Maracaipe, the Baoba tree of Porto de Galinhas and Serrambi. Great spot for taking panoramic photos.

In the trail you will see typical vegetation and if you are lucky and the fruit is ripe (coconut, cajueiros, mangaba, pitanga), you can try it.

We will get back to the kayaks and continue until the final destination: Pontal de Maracaipe.

Few people know this place and even less come by kayaking. But we need to clarify this experience is recommended for people who like sports and do not have problems dealing with the wild environment.

The tour lasts about 4 hours and the available days and start time depends on the tide table.


IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, due to weather conditions and the state of the tides, this activity is not always available.

Do not hesitate to ask us about the Mangue Experience and other tours in Porto de Galinhas.

Martín Miguel

Martín Miguel

Enter Travel Founder

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