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Maragogi Beach

The city of Maragogi is certainly the most desired beach in Alagoas and the reason is crystal clear: the waters of Maragogi are among the clearest and most beautiful of Brazil!


Located 177 miles away from Maceió, the city of Maragogi is certainly the most desired beach in Alagoas and the reason is crystal clear: the waters of Maragogi are among the clearest and most beautiful of Brazil! Its coastline has a total of 10 beaches, being the beach of Peroba the northern limit and the beach of São Bento the southern limit of the municipality.

The beach of Maragogi is where the center of the city is located and it’s a place where you can find everything. It’s where you find bars, restaurants, shops, tourist agencies and also the place from where you can hire buggies and boat tours.

Maragogi Beach with low tide

Natural pools of Maragogi

The most famous attraction of Maragogi is for sure the amazing natural pools. Even if there were no other reasons to get to know Maragogi, that alone would be worth the trip. To reach them it is necessary to take a boat and travel 3 miles into the sea. The most famous one is Galés but there are two other natural pools that have only been opened to the public recently and therefore are more preserved. They are the natural pools of Taocas and Barra Grande. Each boat takes you to a different point, so you have to check before you board what will be your destination.

But no matter which of the pools you choose to visit, prepare yourself to be amazed! In the middle of the blue immensity, appear the coral barriers, forming a spectacle for the eyes. Above sea level the landscape is dazzling and beneath it reveals a super active marine life. It is necessary that you take snorkel, so you can enjoy the infinity of fish that inhabit there. Those who do not own equipment can easily rent it before boarding or even do so with the crew of the boat. It is also possible to hire an instructor right there to do scuba diving in a preserved area and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Swimming in Maragoggi Natural Pools

Places around Maragogi

Another beach that stands out by its beauty is Antunes Beach. With white sands and an amazing clear blue water, Antunes is the literal translation of a paradise beach. Because it is a little further from the center and does not have lots structures, it still has a really preserved nature. It is certainly one of the highlights of Maragogi and can not be left out of the your itinerary!

The city of Maragogi is not limited only to its beautiful beaches! The Visgueiro Trekking, Mirante belvedere and São Bento Monastery are three inland attractions of the city that are also worth visiting, so be sure to fit them between one beach and another.


For those who do not have much time in Maragogi, there is no problem! One day is enough to get know the most important points. Organize your day so that during the low tide you can go visit the natural pools, and at high tide you can get to know the coast and its beaches. There are two ways to get to know the seashore: you can hire a buggy and go by land, or do the so-called “passeios de orla”, travel by sea on the boat.

The only thing that is missing there is better infrastructure to receive people, because although it is internationally famous and receives travelers from all over the world, Maragogi still doesn’t have the infrastructure it should. For this reason, many people prefer to use the city of Porto de Galinhas as a base. Porto de Galinhas has beaches as beautiful as this ones but with a much better variety of bars, restaurants, nightlife and commerce. From Porto is possible to do day-tours to Maragogi and get to know the best of this place that, with reason, receive the nickname of “Brazilian Caribbean”.

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