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Muro Alto and Cupe Beaches

Imagine a perfect day at the seaside, on a beach of white sands and calm, crystalline waters. 

VISIT Muro Alto BEACH and Cupe beach

The beaches known as Muro Alto and Cupe are well-known for the range of resorts and hotels that cover the surrounding areas. Muro Alto Beach is also really well known for its peaceful atmosphere.

The beach in Cupe, however, thanks to its active currents is one of the preferred places to go surfing for all those people who either live in Porto de Galinhas or visit us in order to make the best of the waves on offer.

Muro Alto beach

Muro Alto is one of the most famous sites found on postcards from Porto de Galinhas. It is the perfect place to relax and bathe in the large natural swimming/snorkeling pools that are formed on the coastline.

The name “Muro Alto” literally means “Tall Wall” and is derived from the fact that along the coastline of Muro Alto Beach you will find a 150 meter long reef that looks as though it has been man-made because of its perfect wall-like nature.

Between the coast and the reef there is a giant natural pool full of warm, peaceful waters and where the majority of both tourists and locals can be found on a regular basis, taking some time to chill out and enjoy the sunshine.

What to do in Muro Alto

The principal tourist attraction in Muro Alto is, without a doubt, the natural, warm pool which stretch for more than two miles along the coastline.

However, Muro Alto is also a place that people visit in order to snorkel, kayak, and learn other kinds of fun sporting activities that might be on offer at the time.

There aren’t very many bars or restaurants, because most of the hotels in the region cater for all these needs and provide everything that their guests require as part of the packages that they have on offer.

Therefore, if you are not a guest in one of these hotels, we recommend that you take something to eat and drink with you if you plan on staying at the beach for a lengthy period of time.

ABOUT Cupe beach

Located in between Muro Alto and Porto de Galinhas is Cupe Beach, also home to a number of large hotels, luxury condos and weekend apartments that the locals from Recife and other neighboring cities come to in order to relax after a long week at work in their home towns.

On the shore, the beach is a wide expanse of peace and tranquility, owing to the fact that the sand stretches on for miles and miles. However, when out on the sea, it is another thing entirely. The waves are very much alive and active on Cupe Beach.

What to do in Cupe BEACH

Every single day, Cupe Beach is the preferred surfing spot for a huge number of eager surfers, experienced and beginners alike, because of the perfect conditions created by the quality of the waves in this region. Indeed, the coastline of this particular beach, just like that of Maracaipe Beach, is home to a number of national surfing championships all year round.

A huge number of people also take full advantage of other water and wind sports including stand-up, bodyboarding and more, when visiting this beach.

How to get to the beaches in Cupe and Muro Alto

The majority of people who usually visit these two beaches take full advantage of the buggy tours on offer, such as the “Ponta a Ponta” tour which includes a visit to the following beaches: Muro Alto, Cupe, Porto de Galinhas, Maracaipe and Pontal de Maracaipe.

However, it is also possible to get to these beaches independently if you have a car or if you hire a mototaxi or taxi. For those people who are really eager, it is also possible to visit these beaches on foot from the center of Porto de Galinhas.

For those people who don’t want to do the “Ponta a Ponta” tour, it is a really good idea to visit just Cupe or Muro Alto via a mototaxi o taxi from the center of Porto de Galinhas and then return on foot (approximately 1 and ½ hours).

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in taking a buggy tour or any other activity.

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