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Porto de Galinhas Beach

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Porto de Galinhas Beach

When we make a list of Brazil tourist attractions, there’s a place in the Northeast that can not be left out: Porto de Galinhas! It is no coincidence that Porto de Galinhas has been chosen for more than 11 consecutive years as one of the best beaches in Brazil.


Located just 50 km south from Recife airport (Guararapes – officially Gilberto Freyre international airport), it’s the perfect place to serve as base for those who want to get to know the region. Besides the many attractions of the destination, it’s possible to make day tripsto places like Maragogi, CarneirosBeach, Tamandaré, Serrambi, Santo Aleixo Island, Calhetas Beach, Recife and Olinda

The city is charming and very well organized, full of small squares, and streets where you can find everything you need: bars, restaurants, gift shops and accommodation for all types of budgets.

I suggest the following article to learn about the history of Porto de Galinhas, from its foundation to its present time.


what are PORTO DE GALINHAS' strengths?

+ infrastructure


For those who want to enjoy their vacations to the fullest and with all comfort, there are several all inclusive and resorts in the region. And for those who travel within a controlled budget, small inns and hostels are the perfect choice because they offer more affordable prices.

You can find more than 500 establishments distributed between:

Muro Alto and Cupe: place where the great majority of hotels of big size and resorts are concentrated,

Porto de Galinhas: hotels of large, medium and small size, inns, hostels and others,

Maracaipe: mostly Guest Houses of large and small size,

Serrambi: although it is further away from Porto de Galinhas, it offers a great variety of large hotels and resorts.

Looking for accommodation? Check out our list of recommended places here and book them online: 

Accommodation in Porto de Galinhas


For being a city of international tourism, Porto de Galinhas has a wide range of restaurants of all types and for all budgets.

Walking through the center you will easily find restaurants that will please all you fancy, including promotions.

Most of them are located in the center of Porto de Galinhas, although there are also many options in Maracaipe.

By browsing our website you can find a complete list of restaurants.

Check out and explore the Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Porto de Galinhas. Our list here: 

Where to eat in Porto de Galinhas


But beyond its undisputed beauty, security and infrastructure are the keys.

Is Porto de Galinhas a safe place? Yes it is. With great joy we can say that this is one of the main points for tourists to enjoy the destination fully. Whether you are visiting with your partner, family, friends or you are alone, you will notice that the center and the beach of Porto is place where you do not have to worry to walk around during the day or night.

what are the most


Let’s talk about what really matters: the natural beauties of the region and there is a lot of them. Although Porto de Galinhas is the center beach, we must clarify that when we talk about this destination we refer to the 5 beaches that cover a total of 18 km. 


Porto de Galinhas means paradisiacal beaches, stunning ocean floor, coconut trees to lose sight of and unforgettable sunsets that paint the sky. And the most important attraction of all are the natural pools of Porto de Galinhas!

Responsible for attracting most travelers, the natural pools live up to its fame! During low tide, these small oasis of calm and crystal waters are formed and they are the perfect spot to swim among the fishes! Check out our full article about the Natural Pools in Porto de Galinhas.


10 km north of Porto de Galinhas. With its monumental coral barrier, forms a gigantic and delightful pool of calm waters. It is the place where the largest number of fancy hotels and resorts are located.


Is located 7,5 km north of Porto de Galinhas. It is different from the previous one, with waves and much stronger waters but also has natural pools. There are a lot of hotels and resorts there. Due to its waters, it is also chosen by surfers.

How can you find the sport?

Check out our article about Porto de Galinhas Surf.

+ Porto de Galinhas

Is where the famous natural pools are located, probably the place you have seen in so many photos that look like a postcard of paradise. With very calm waters due to the coral reef that protects it.

It is also where the largest number of shops, restaurants, bars and hospitality is concentrated.

Main beach Porto de Galinhas - Praia Central

+ Maracaipe

2.5 km south of Porto de Galinhas.Due to its large waves, it is the preferred place for surfers. Very frequently visited also by people of Recife during the weekends.

The beach has a lot of bars and restaurants along its beaches as well as a considerable variety of guest houses.

Maracaipe and Pontal de Maracaipe

+ Pontal de Maracaipe

4,5 km south of Porto de Galinhas. Stands out for being the place where river and sea meets, creating a breathtaking scenery.

From there you can get a raft to enter the mangrove and appreciate a landscape totally different from the rest. It is also the spot from where you can enjoy the best sunset of the region. Pontal de Maracaípe is worth a whole day.

Check out our article about Maracaipe and Pontal de Maracaipe beaches.

Maracaipe Pontal Porto de Galinhas


If you are looking forward to celebrate your marriage and honeymooning in this paradise, I suggest reading: Honeymoon in Porto de Galinhas.

how is it

Porto de Galinhas nightlife

When the night falls, the fun begins! The downtown streets get crowded with people shopping and trying to find a nice place to eat and drink. The options are endless and diverse, pleasing all kinds of tastes and budgets. For those who still have energy, there are a lot of bars with live music. Having said that, we must clarify that the night in Porto de Galinhas is calmer compared to other destinations (meaning that you don´t find so many clubs and party places there).

Check out our article about Porto de Galinhas Nightlife.

What a place!

Whether for a day or a week, Porto is sure to surprise you. And one thing is certain: you will want to go back!

Continue reading Enter Travel Porto de Galinhas Guide and get full information on EVERYTHING you need to know for having the perfect trip.

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