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Porto de Galinhas Nightlife

What happens in Porto when the sun goes down?

What to do at night | Porto de Galinhas nightlife

Nightlife in Porto de Galinhas is somewhat quiet and very relaxed. For those who do not want to go to bed early, there is a number of bars and spaces with live music events and DJs that will accompany you until the early hours of the morning.

If we have to describe the nightlife in one word we will choose “moody”. It depends on the energy of the people who are visiting the city. However, for those who are in search of a place with an emphasis on late night parties at every turn, it is fair to say that Porto de Galinhas is perhaps not the place for you. The fact that the sun, sand and surf during the day is far more important than what happens when the sun goes down.

Which are the most frequented places?

Is located in the central plaza, by the seafront, that is definitely worth visiting, as it offers a range of live music events and a variety of tasty cocktails. During the high season, live entertainment is offered every evening but during the low season, these activities are reserved for the days when are more visitors in the town. The typical line-up includes a range of reggae or Brazilian popular (mpb) bands. Frequented by locals and visitors.

The Cafe da Moeda is one of the establishments that makes “Portocult”, project that is transforming the street called “Piscinas Naturais”  into a cultural center. They offer shows, dance performances and many other attractions.

It is located also in the center, just 50 m from Giroskka and usually every Friday there are different types of concerts, from MPB (Brazilian popular music), regional music, Latin American and even jazz concerts. Definitely it is worth the visit.

Fiteiro Bar is also one of the most popular for the people from Recife visiting Porto de Galinhas, who go to the bar to hear live music, choose from a variety of typical dishes and take full advantage of the range of draft beers that the bar offers.

Fiteiro Bar in Porto de Galinhas night

How is the nightlife in Maracaipe?

Maracaipe also hosts Forro Night events, mainly in 2 places. Marcao Prime and Vila de todos os Santos. Both places offer live music events.

It is possible to find several artists playing Brazilian and international music. Also local artists like Seu Surf, you can discover some of their music in the videos below.

Don't forget about the night-time walks

Porto de Galinhas is beautiful at night, because you can walk peacefully along its beaches or simply take a well deserved rest on the coastline and enjoy the placid and mesmerizing view of the night.

That’s all for now, we tried to include a number of different ideas from which you can start to plan your nightlife agenda in Porto de Galinhas.

However, we don’t give too much away. We will update this article frequently and remember to explore what’s on offer upon arrival. The unknown and the element of surprise is what makes every trip so magical.

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