Category: Beaches

Dec 29
Antunes Beach

Among the beautiful clear blue waters of the city of Maragogi is located one of these…

Dec 29
Maragogi Beach

The city of Maragogi is certainly the most desired beach in Alagoas and the reason is…

Nov 18
Porto de Galinhas Beach

Porto de Galinhas Beach has been chosen for more than 11 consecutive years as one of…

Nov 12
Santo Aleixo Island

There is a tropical paradise that deserves our attention. Its name is Santo Aleixo…

Oct 31
Calhetas Beach

Located in the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Calhetas Beach has a different layout…

Sep 22
Carneiros Beach

The beach of Carneiros stands out for presenting a great variety of attractions and an…

Jan 09
Top 5 beach destinations in Brazil

Which are the top 5 beach destinations in Brazil? The classics and the new ones chosen…

Dec 24
Carneiros and Maragogi Beaches

Carneiros and Maragogi beaches (Porto de Galinhas) are located in the northeast of…

Sep 10
Surfing in Cupe and Maracaípe beaches

The beaches of Cupe and Maracaípe in Porto de Galinhas invite you to practice water…

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