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Seasonal rentals

Seasonal rentals in Porto de Galinhas

Temporary rentals in Porto de Galinhas are one of the alternative ways of enjoying a great vacation. If you are travelling with family or group and looking for the peace of renting a house or an apartment in Porto de Galinhas, this is a good option for you.

Sometimes, the feeling of being “like home” is priceless, even if Porto de Galinhas has enough options of accommodation to satisfy everyone.

PORTO DE GALINHAS | Recommended areas

In our opinion, a good location is always the most important to check before renting something in a place you never visited before.

That said, the best place to rent is the centre of Porto de Galinhas. It offers options for supermarkets, shops, banks, bars and restaurants with live music or other activities for everyone during the day and night.

Maracaípe is option number 2, because it is quite well connected with Porto de Galinhas (easily reachable by bus, taxi, mototaxi or even by walk) and it has also options in restaurants and even supermarkets. 

About Muro Alto and Cupe, we cannot say they are bad places, just the connection with centre is a bit harder than the other, plus there are not many options in restaurants or supermarkets. So if you are the type of person who likes to go to a supermarket once a week and then moving from home to the beach non stop, and not caring about seeing more people around or to go out, then these places will suit your taste.

Type of properties for rent IN PORTO DE GALINHAS

As you can imagine, Porto de Galinhas is the kind of place where there are different types of places where to live with all types of houses, from luxury houses in the seaside, to normal apartments. Which one to choose it will depend on your budget. 

The most common ways of seasonal rent in Porto de Galinhas:

• Flat (smaller than an apartment)





These are similar to conventional apartments, but with an added value in terms of comfort as they offer the security and comfort of a hotel. This type of accommodation usually offers services such as laundry, cleaning the apartment, etc.


Is similar to a loft, with the difference that it has internal divisions. It is generally a bedroom which has within the same room a separation that makes up the bathroom and a kitchen (this is generally American style).


This is the best known among the descriptions, there is no difference with those in the city. It is very normal here in Porto de Galinhas to find condominiums with apartments that share a common pool and grill. The apartment has well defined internal divisions such as bedrooms (may be more than one), kitchen, bathroom(s), living room and dining room. Apartments are also classified by the number of bedrooms (may have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more)


If you decide to rent a place, please check everything before sending money to some unknown person. We don´t want to be negative at all, but you know.. sh… happens everywhere! So why not to be cautious. Remember, before sending money, check check check! References online, try to make a little research to know if the person in contact with you has any relation with the property or check also the property was rented at least in the last months. 

Doesn´t matter if you decide to rent or not with us. The only thing that matters is to have a good trip!

Other options

It is good to remember that there´s a lot of options for small family hotels (called Pousadas in Brazil) that offer full service too. You can search in other areas of the website and find out more about pousadas in Porto de Galinhas or check out the link bellow: 

Where to Sleep in Porto de Galinhas.

Do you need to rent in Porto de Galinhas?




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