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Beaches in Porto de Galinhas | Brazil

Porto de Galinhas is home to a large central beach which is very popular all year round, but there are also a number of other beaches in the surrounding areas that are renowned for a combination of both peace and tranquility and a variety of exciting water sports to take part in.

Beaches in Porto de Galinhas do have one specific advantage, which is that throughout the entire year there is something on offer for everyone, at whatever age. Perhaps your idea of bliss is to enjoy a relaxing beer in the sunshine or the surf the open waves on the outskirts of the town. Either way, your desires can be realized in Porto de Galinhas.

Central beach in Porto de Galinhas

The central beach in Porto de Galinhas is the beach that the majority of the visitors choose to spend their time. During the weekend, it is a very popular spot amongst the natives of Recife and the other neighbouring cities. There is a large number of bars and restaurants to visit on the beach and wide range of local people selling everything you wish for.

The famous Porto de Galinhas Natural Pools can be found directly next to the central beach too, which is another reason why it is so popular all year round.


Cupe Beach, located in the north of the central beach is famous for its huge waves and strong currents. For those people who do not know how to swim or who are not confident swimmers, it is very important to take lots of care when in these waters.

The surrounding area of Cupe Beach is filled with lots of hotels and weekend houses. The beach is rarely visited by many people, unlike the central beach of Porto de Galinhas, which means that it is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a little peace and tranquility.

However, if you want to catch some surf or practice a bit of stand-up too, these waters are the ones you need to head to.

Muro Alto beach | PORTO DE GALINHAS

Located in the north of Cupe, Muro Alto Beach is filled with lots of large hotels that attract a huge quantity of people looking to relax and spend their holidays doing nothing. There are very few bars because the majority of the people visiting this beach are able to take advantage of the food and drinks served within the hotel complexes in which they are staying.

The beach itself is very pretty and surrounded by a natural wilderness. When bathing in the sea in Muro Alto, an incredible sensation is experienced because the water is so warm and inviting.

Even so, if you feel like being a little more active every now and then, there are opportunities to take part in a banana boat ride, go jet-skiing or sail out onto the seas in a kayak.

Maracaipe Beach | PORTO DE GALINHAS

Maracaipe Beach is on the south of the central beach and is normally visited by those who are looking to take full advantage of a surfing holiday. During the weekend the beach-side restaurants are full to the brim with the natives from neighbouring Recife. Two of the most famous bars in this region include Bar de Monica and Bar de Marcao.

Maracaipe Pontal | PORTO DE GALINHAS

In the south of Maracaipe (at the end of the route), you will find a very different kind of beach; a beach so pretty that it would be a real shame if you didn’t find the time to visit it. Maracaipe Pontal owes its beauty to the natural meeting of the river with the ocean.

At the same time, the area is home of a large quantity of mangroves (the crab’s natural habitat) and small boat trips in what is known as a jangada where you can see seahorses in the wild.

This beach is also the best place in the region to take classes in kite-surfing or to enjoy the sunset.

How to visit all of them in short time?

All the beaches are reachable by taxi, mototaxi, bus or even walking (if you have lot of energy) One easy and funny way to see all this places in one day is with the buggy tour. You will be able to visit all this beaches in 3 hours and then decide which one do you want to visit again to spend the day.

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