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Gastronomy in Porto de Galinhas

ALL ABOUT THE Gastronomy in Porto de Galinhas

Which restaurants in Porto de Galinhas are the best? Where do people go to eat for less? What kind of food is typical of Porto de Galinhas?

This short post presents all the information about gastronomy, restaurants and native dishes in Porto de Galinhas that you need to know before you arrive.

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Typical Dishes in Porto de Galinhas

To begin with, Porto de Galinhas is a small fishing town which is why some of the most famous dishes in town are seafood or fish recipes.

Having said that, the natives of Porto de Galinhas remain very loyal to the north-eastern gastronomical custom: rice and feijao (a kind of bean dish) is never missing from the table.

As in the majority of all Brazilian cities, the breakfasts served in Porto de Galinhas are large and full of a variety of fruits. A superb north-eastern breakfast choice includes couscous, ham, cheese, bread butter, fruit, coffee and natural fruit juice.

The cheapest restaurants in Porto de Galinhas

As with most things in life, the cheapest places to find something good to eat will be stumbled upon in the moment when looking to fill and empty stomach without emptying your wallet in the process. However, there are two relatively cheap restaurants to bear in mind which come highly recommended by the locals.

The first is called Cabidela da Natália. After starting her career as the house-cook for a family, Natália Melo, the owner of this establishment, achieved her goal in seting up her own business. Her restaurant owes its success to a special formula: it unites a simple ambience, with tasty home-cooked food and very reasonable prices.

The second restaurant that we would like to highlight is called Porto Galo. It is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a varied menu but at prices that won’t break the bank.

However, if you are really looking to pull tight on your purse strings, the cheapest menus available are found in the self-service restaurants. These restaurants generally serve a comination of dishes which combine rice, feijao and salads in portions sufficient enough to satisfy any size of hunger.

The best restaurants in Porto de Galinhas

Beijupirá is the most famous of all restaurants in Porto de Galinhas, in general because of the chef specials that are served which are invariably a combination of seafood and fish-based dishes.

Beijupirá is located next to the Banco do Brasil and is very pretty, both inside and out. The lights are dimmed to a romantic level and the walls are adorned with a range of works by the artist, Adriana Didier.

The result achieved is the perfect place to dine is you are looking to enjoy something “exclusive”. It is the perfect place to drink a glass of wine with a loved one, friends or family, but be sure to consult the prices before placing your order. It is not cheap.

Another option if you’re looking to dine at the best place in Porto de Galinhas is Muru Muru, a quirky little restaurant on the seafront

The low-lighting and wooden furniture give this restaurant a natural and inviting vibe. It is located in the very center of the city, just before going down to the beach on the left-hand side. It is one of the best places to spend an evening in Porto de Galinhas and not to be missed.

The most popular restaurants to visit during your stay

As well as the best restaurants and the cheapest restaurants to visit whilst in Porto de Galinhas, we are happy to share a fairly extensive list of the most popular restaurants in the region for you to pick and choose from every night, as a way of experiencing all that Porto de Galinhas has to offer in the way of gastronomy before you have to return to the world of work and daily routine back home.

In truth, most tourists choose to eat within their hotels because most hotels include breakfast, lunch and dinner in their holiday packages. 

However, for those people who still wish to dine out, we suggest you make use of the following list of the best restaurants in Porto de Galinhas.

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