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The weather in Porto de Galinhas | Holidays in Brazil

Among the most frequent questions that I receive, there is never a lack of questions regarding the weather in Porto de Galinhas.

The ones that reach me the most are:
– How is the weather in Porto de Galinhas?
– What is the temperature of the water?
– When should you travel to Porto de Galinhas?
– When is it cheapest to travel to Porto de Galinhas?
– What can I do when it rains in Porto de Galinhas?
– What clothes should I bring for my vacation in Porto de Galinhas?


In this article, I will try to clear all doubts.

What is the weather like in Porto de Galinhas?

Due to its location, in the northeast of Brazil, less than 1000 kilometers from the Equator, Porto de Galinhas has a tropical climate.

We can affirm that Porto de Galinhas offers a “permanent summer”. Throughout the year the temperature ranges from pleasant to warm.

The annual average is around 27°C, being the month of January (summer) with its 32°C the hottest while July (winter) is the coldest with its nights of 22°C.

Here it dawns very early: in summer around 4:30 and in winter around 5 in the morning. In summer, sunset arrives at 5:30 PM., and in winter, half an hour earlier.

Therefore, the sun begins to feel strong early and for several hours, allowing us to make the most of the day at the beach: sunbathing, walking, swimming, snorkeling and diving in natural pools, surfing, kitesurfing and stand up.

• IMPORTANT: it is highly recommended to use sunscreen and renew it frequently, as well as light-colored hats and shirts.

What is the water temperature in Porto de Galinhas?

The beaches of Porto de Galinhas have been dubbed the “Brazilian Caribbean” due to their similarities.

They are paradisiacal beaches: large expanses of white sands with transparent waters that go from green to light blue whose average annual temperature is 26°C.

Rainy season | When is it best to travel to Porto de Galinhas?

There is a reality: the rains can ruin your holidays.

Therefore, it must be borne in mind that in the months of May and June is when there is more presence of tropical rains.

The month of July alternates between sun and rain, and the situation can change from one minute to the next.

In August, although the rains are less frequent, it is a windy month and a favorite for kitesurfers.

I must clarify that although the rainy season always occurs in the same months (May to August), it does not happen every year. So you may have a year in full sun.

Anyway, the most important thing is that nothing prevents us from going to the beach, even if it is in the rain. Something beautiful happens many times and it is that when it rains the water temperature seems even warmer than normal, so it is normal to witness torrential rain and see people in the water with a great feeling of happiness and contact with nature.

To avoid the “rainy season” it is convenient to travel between the months of August and April and if you want to limit the margin of error to have the best days at the beach, do it between September and March.

Weather in Porto de Galinhas: what can I do if it rains?

When the rain is light, it is best to wait because surely it is the typical temporary rain that lasts a few minutes and then gives us a clear sky. If at that moment it finds you on the beach, just wait under the umbrella (if you have one) or in the water.

If these options do not convince you, you can go for an Açai (Acaí) to recharge your energy, to the hotel or visit one of the attractions that are indoors (Hippocampus Project or Ecoasociados, organizations that ensure the preservation of sea horses and turtles marine).

If instead, it is heavy rain and you see that the weather is not going to fix, I suggest you visit Recife and Olinda.

Travel cheaper to Porto de Galinhas

This Brazilian beach destination is increasingly sought after and chosen by tourists and travelers from all over the world for its infinite beauty and the hospitality of its people.

For this reason, there is no “low season” although surely in the months of May, June and August you will find better deals on accommodation and air tickets to Porto de Galinhas.

In the “high season” prices rise due to high demand and in the “middle season” prices are more affordable.

There are 3 times/events in the year when the rates are special (higher): Carnival, New Year or “Reveillon” as they call it here (usually Reveillon packages start on December 28) and the Day of the Independence of Brazil (September 7).

If you do not have a high budget, I suggest you avoid these dates and look for alternative dates (we can help you when it comes to accommodation and tours).

What clothing should I bring to Porto de Galinhas?

When it comes to traveling, less is more. Carrying the essentials will make our suitcases much lighter. There is no point in packing extra clothes.

Therefore, taking into account the climate of Porto, I suggest you pack:
Beachwear (swimsuit, shorts, shorts, sarong, flip flops). It will be what you are going to use the most.
Comfortable and informal clothing to go out in the evening for a drink or dinner.
– Nothing too ostentatious. Something elegant sport to visit and tour the City of Recife (the Capital of Pernambuco).
A light jacket, although you will hardly use it.

And finally, if you have a budget and like to buy clothes when you travel, you can help local businesses and buy beach clothes right here. The prices are varied and you will even find businesses with great deals.

Martín Miguel

Martín Miguel

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