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Wind and water sports IN PORTO DE GALINHAS

Porto de Galinhas is frequently visited because of the huge array of wind and water sports on offer all year round. It is the perfect place for beginners as well as professionals because it is blessed with a range of beaches that cater to the needs of sports fanatics at all levels.


You can enjoy water sports in a high and a low season. This is one of the pluses Porto de Galinhas has all year round. For example, in the very windy months (mostly August), it is even possible to practice Kite-surfing in Maracaipe Pontal.

Surf in Porto de Galinhas

For experienced surfers, Maracaipe Beach and Cupe are perfect places to visit, as its large and strong waves helps to raise those all important adrenalin levels.

Maracaipe Beach is also regularly home to national and international surfing championships and surfing fanatics from all over, but mainly from Recife.

But do not worry, even if you are not a professional surfer, Porto de Galinhas is the place for you to start developing a passion for surfing. “Borete beach” is located between the central beach of Porto and Cupe Beach. Along this stretch you will find some incredible waves to practice surfing and they are appropriate for surfers of all levels.

Stand-Up in Porto de Galinhas

It is one of the most popular water sports that has been established in Porto de Galinhas.

For those who are not sure about what stand-up actually is, It consists of a large board, much larger than that of the board used in surfing, on which you must remain standing all the time, whilst using the help of a long oar to slide gracefully up and over the kinks of the waves. Borete is again the most recommended beach for those people who wish to enjoy stand-up.

It is also possible to practice without waves. The perfect areas for this are the central beach of Porto de Galinhas and Muro Alto.

Kite-surfing in Porto de Galinhas

In the very windy months (mostly from June to August), it is even possible to practice Kite-surfing mostly in Maracaipe Pontal.

Kite-surfing is a sport which requires a lot of wind because you have to use a kind of parachute to help you slide up and over the waves. You can either hire a specific kite-surfing equipment from the surrounding schools. If you want information about it, send us a message.

Pontal de Maracaipe is the best place to practice this sport due to the excellent wind conditions that can be found in the area and its privileged position on the river and the sea.

Snorkeling in Porto de Galinhas

Snorkeling is one of the most popular sports in Porto de Galinhas because of the warm and magnificently clear waters that prevail in the area, as well as the amazing variety of fish that can be seen on a daily basis.

What’s more, snorkeling is very safe in Porto de Galinhas thanks to the huge reef offering protection for the visitors from the open sea and strength of the waves.

It is very easy to rent the equipment at the central beach, just by walking along the coast.

It is recommended that your snorkel at low tide (make sure that you consult the tidal table) and, if possible, in the morning when the sun is high.

Scuba Diving in Porto de Galinhas

Thanks to the excellent conditions for all water sports already detailed in this article, scuba diving in Porto de Galinhas is the sporting activity of the region and normally the main attraction for most tourists for visiting Porto de Galinhas for the first time.

When choosing the company that you are going to go diving with it is very important that the instructors are accredited by the SSI (Scuba Schools International) or the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

There are different types of scuba diving “experiences” offered by scuba diving schools. “Baptism” is the name given to the type of scuba diving offered to beginners. It is a kind of scuba diving which can be experienced by people of any age and it is not necessary that you know how to swim either, because you will always be accompanied by an instructor both in and out of the water.

El Poço da Paixao is the most popular scuba diving site at the central beach and, if possible, you should really try the nighttime scuba dive too!

In general, scuba diving is practiced in the central beach. However, there are programmed outings to remote places and other beaches in the region for those people who already hold a PADI or SSI qualification.

If you want to know more about Scuba Diving or book your spot please CLICK HERE.

Scuba diving in Porto de Galinhas

Profesional Scuba Diving

It is also possible to scuba dive to deeper depths in Porto de Galinhas and in the surrounding areas, but in order to do this you must be PADI or SSI qualified. With proof of this qualification it is possible to arrange a scuba dive which takes you down to 40 meters below the water surface.

Even though it is possible to scuba dive in Porto de Galinhas all year round, the best months of the year are from September to April. If you want to know more about professional Scuba Diving or where to practice, please CONTACT US.

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