How to get to

Porto de Galinhas

How to get to Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is located on the northeast coastline of Brazil, almost 70 kilometers from Recife, the state capital of Pernambuco. Gilberto Freyre in Recife is the closest airport from Porto de Galinhas, more commonly referred to as Guararapes Airport.


In this article we will explain how to get to Porto de Galinhas from other tourist destinations. Not to repeat ourselves, in a lot of cases there are the same steps how to get to Porto (Rodoviária and Recife airport). We will explain them at the end of this article.

How to get from Maceio to Porto de Galinhas

For those who choose to travel from Maceió to Porto de Galinhas, the journey is quite simple. Take the bus that departs from Maceio terminal towards the Recife Rodoviária  (“rodoviária” means main bus station).

In the case you are flying from Maceió, you will find the way from Recife airport (Guararapes) at the end of this article.

From the Rodoviária de Maceió, the Real Real Alagoas company bus takes you to the entrance of Ipojuca or to the Rodoviária de Recife.

From the city of Ipojuca (also a municipality where Porto de Galinhas belongs) you must take a micro-bus to Porto de Galinhas (sometimes the buses also goes to Maracaipe). You should know Ipojuca is not at all touristy and often it is difficult to move with a lot of luggage or without speaking the language very well.

The other option is to continue to the Recife bus terminal. From the Rodoviária of Recife to Porto de Galinhas, you will find the explanation at the end of the article.

How to get from Maragogi to Porto de Galinhas

The same bus that leaves Maceió goes through Maragogi. So to get from Maragogi to Porto de Galinhas simply follow the same steps as in the previous case.

From the Rodoviária of Maragogi, the Real Real Alagoas company bus must go to Ipojuca or to the Rodoviária:

1- Ipojuca. At the entrance of Ipojuca, you can hit a micro-bus or van that goes from Ipojuca to Porto de Galinhas.

2- Rodoviária de Recife: explained at the end of the article.

How to get from Maragogi to Porto de Galinhas

How to get from Pipa to Porto de Galinhas

By Plane: Flight from Natal to Recife (Guararapes). To get from Pipa to the airport you can take a bus or van.

By bus: The average time of this journey is between 8 and 10 hours. Everything will depend on the traffic and your luck with the combinations.

The way is following:

1- Leaving Pipa you can take a bus to Natal main bus station and from there another bus straight to Recife.

2- You can also take a van to Goianinha and from there take the bus to Recife. The second way is relatively short and economical and is usually prefered by travellers.

Checking in Goianinha, on the main route, you should go to the bus station of the company “Progresso”, which covers the journey to the Recife rodoviária. The bus departs quite often although it is always advisable to check the schedules the day before. The journey has an average duration of 6 hours.

From the Rodoviaria do Recife you will find the explanation in the end of this article.

How to get from Jericoacoara to Porto de Galinhas

by plane. 2 options

1- Cruz Airport (Jericoacoara JJD): this is the most expensive option although the most comfortable, since this is the nearest airport. To get there use the transfers that go straight from Jeri (which is how is Jericoacoara called by locals).

2- The airport of Fortaleza (FOR) is 300 km away from Jericoacoara. There are two ways to get there: by bus and transfer.

From Jericoacoara, 4X4 vehicles depart and will take you to Jijoca. From Jijoca, there is a bus to the airport. The journey is not very long and the cost-benefit ratio is worth it.

by bus

Take a 4X4 vehicle in Jericoacoara to Jijoca. Once you arrive at Jijoca, you must take the bus to the Fortaleza railway station. From this terminal, there are several companies that make the Fortaleza – Recife route, one of which is “Guanabara”. The average travel time is approximately 14 hours.

How to get from the Recife main bus station (rodoviaria) to Recife airport

Here is where you must take a last bus with the final destination Porto de Galinhas.

Taxi to the airport

The travel time is approximately 20 minutes and the cost is relatively low, although it is advisable to confirm the value before starting the trip. You can choose take a taxi straight to Porto de Galinhas. If this is the case, CONTACT US and we will book it for you.

Metro to the airport

The Rodoviária is integrated with the metro (Estação Rodoviária). To get to the airport you must take the metro in the direction of “Recife” and get off at “Joana Bezerra” station and combine (with the same ticket) with the metro to the airport station. When leaving the metro station, you will see a large footbridge that crosses the avenue and takes you straight to the airport.

How to get from Recife airport to Porto de Galinhas

In the Recife airport just in front of the A5 exit, you will find the “Viacao Cruzeiro” stop, which connects the Recife-Porto de Galinhas route.

There are two buses that make this trip: the 195 (executive with air conditioning) and the 191. We recommend the 195 since for very little difference of money you will get to Porto faster and it has air conditioning (the other option stops in other villages and the trip is longer).

If you want to know the prices and schedules, you will find it here in our article “Recife to Porto de Galinhas”.


Taxi or Transfer

Finally, if none of these options convince you and you want to know the prices of a taxi or transfer from any of these destinations, CONTACT US.

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