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This tour is perfect for everyone who wants to visit an small island and to enjoy the beauty of this tropical paradise.


The best way of forming a quick impression and global understanding of the many places you can enjoy. 


Scuba diving in Porto de Galinhas is one of the favourite activities for people who visit the region.


If you want to enjoy calm, stress-free day at the beautiful beach with clear blue waters, you should not miss this place.


A paradisiacal landscape full of coconut trees and enjoy swimming in its calm and warm waters.


Besides visiting the famous capital of Pernambuco, you can breathe in the cultural tradition of Recife and Olinda.


Calhetas Beach has a different layout than the other beaches of that region. It is due to its elevated part and rocks.


Considered to be one of the jewels of the northeast thanks to its natural pools in the middle of the sea.


If you ever wanted to surf a wave but never considered that this dream will become the truth, here is your chance.

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