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Jan 09
Top 5 beach destinations in Brazil

Which are the top 5 beach destinations in Brazil? The classics and the new ones chosen…

Dec 24
Carneiros and Maragogi Beaches

Carneiros and Maragogi beaches (Porto de Galinhas) are located in the northeast of…

Nov 26
Gastronomy and nightlife

I will tell you what are the main characteristics of gastronomy and nightlife in Porto…

Nov 21
3 activities you shouldn’t miss

We asked our followers what are the 3 most fun activities to do in Porto de Galinhas…

Nov 15
Best beaches in Brazil 2014/15 (II)

For those who have not yet decided where to go this summer in Brazil in 2014/2015 we…

Nov 12
5 benefits of diving in Porto de Galinhas

Learn about the 5 benefits of diving. I tell you why you should dive in the natural…

Sep 24
Seasonal rentals in PdG

If you are traveling with a group and are looking for the peace of renting a house or…

Sep 10
Surfing in Cupe and Maracaípe beaches

The beaches of Cupe and Maracaípe in Porto de Galinhas invite you to practice water…

Dec 11
Mangue Experience

The Mangue Experience is a non-traditional tour in Porto de Galinhas. We'll go…

Sep 05
The weather in Porto de Galinhas

To plan your trip you should know everything about the weather in Porto de Galinhas.…

May 24
Honeymooning in PdG

For couples looking for a beach destination where they can relax, a honeymoon in Porto…

May 24
Buggy Tours in PdG

Buggy tours are the best way of forming a quick impression and global understanding of…

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