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May 24
Porto de Galinhas Nightlife

If we have to describe the nightlife in one word we will choose "moody". It depends on…

May 24
History of Porto de Galinhas

The colonization of Ipojuca began in 1560. From this moment, the colonists migrated…

May 24
Muro Alto and Cupe Beaches

The beaches known as Muro Alto and Cupe are well-known for the range of resorts and…

May 24
Natural Pools in PdG

All the information you need to know about the natural pools in Porto de Galinhas.…

May 23
Maracaipe Beach and Pontal

Next to the popular central beach in Porto de Galinhas, two further beaches, Maracaipe…

May 11
Gastronomy in PdG

What is gastronomy in Porto de Galinhas like? Which restaurants are the best? Where do…

May 11
Wind and Water Sports in PdG

All year round you can practice wind and water sports in Porto de Galinhas: surf,…

May 11
Scuba Diving in PdG

Scuba diving is one of the top activities in Porto de Galinhas due to its clear waters…

May 11
The Beaches in PdG

Porto de Galinhas is home to a large, central beach which is very popular but there…

May 11
How to get to Porto de Galinhas

Here is how to get to Porto de Galinhas by bus, plane or taxi from other tourist…

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